Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I Will Always Have Second Thoughts About Being a Christian

Exemplum Gratia:

But if a uniate church is denied them, this will quite obviously be done to 'satisfy' the Arch-Druid Rowan Williams and his pro-sodomite friends in America, such as that Robinson creature and the Schorri Hag.

Don't you people get it? Mainstream Anglicanism is splitting in two, the conservative GAFCON people creating alternate jurisdictions in far-left areas, such as Canada and the U.S.A. They are headed for division because you can't reconcilie buggery with Christianity.

Madpriest posted this yesterday as his Homophobe of the Day.
If this is supposed to be Christianity, then I want no part of it. No wonder Dawkins and Hitchens are selling so many books these days. As institutional Christianity shrinks in the West, it appears to be more and more dominated by bitter freaks and fanatics like the one quoted above. Their growing domination insures further shrinkage in the churches as relatively healthy and decent people who don't carry such bitter grudges against the world or wear such big chips on their shoulders are driven out. I don't see how Madpriest or Father Harris do it, perusing all those toxic sites brimming with malice. I can't bear to visit those websites, and can hardly bear to read quotes from them.

And since some angry freak loudly demanding a return to Bronze Age law and morals will always make better teevee and sell more commercial air time than any Benedictine prayer group, or hospital visitors, or food bank workers, then the above quoted is the face of Christianity to most people these days. It makes me feel ashamed and embarassed.


PseudoPiskie said...

It's much more difficult to be a follower of Jesus but much more rewarding than simply being a "Christian". I avoid the label but I'm not a very good follower either.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

True, and doubly true.

June Butler said...

Counterlight, like Piskie, I believe that the true followers of Jesus are few in number, and that I may well not be in that number.

Counterlight said...

As far as I'm concerned, there's typical Christians, and then there's exemplary Christians. The typical ones are all too common, and the exemplary ones who really live it out and are a shining beacon to all are too rare.

I used to be into Bonhoeffer in younger days. All that heroic über-Christianity was thrilling to me.
Now, I more agree with a retired Baptist minister who said, "We're all sons of bitches, but God loves us anyway."

Anonymous said...

some angry freak loudly demanding a return to Bronze Age law and morals will always make better teevee

Ah, but The Revolution will not be televised, Doug. ;-/

[Though there IS Fr. Matthew, God bless him, on YouTube! :-)]

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