Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Night in Old Berlin

Dance like there's no tomorrow!

Max Beckman, Dance in Baden Baden

Marek Weber and his orchestra jazz up an old Robert Stolz tune.

Max Beckmann, Self Portrait.


susan s. said...

Have you heard Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester?

June Butler said...

Brings back memories. Wait! I don't really remember. I've seen too many movies.

The paintings are brilliant, and the music fits right in.

susan s. said...

Ah yes, the music! I had not listened till this morning. Love it!

Counterlight said...

I love this old big band music from Weimar Germany. I've taught German Modernism a couple of times before, and it all comes to life when I listen to this. I could easily see Max Beckmann (who loved a night out on the town) listening to this very band with his wife Quappi. The Bauhaus students would definitely party to this (together with a lot of the faculty) I could also see so many other people who I revere having a great last fling before the lights go out. I could definitely see the young Hannah Arendt out dancing with her latest conquest among the faculty at Heidelberg. I could see the young WH Auden and Christopher Isherwood with boyfriends of the evening dancing to this. The very young Francis Bacon would be there with a "client."
The only one I couldn't imagine enjoying this would be Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but then it's hard to imagine him enjoying anything.
I could see Martin Buber listening to this when no one was looking.

Counterlight said...

Hannah Arendt, that delightful tramp, seduced Martin Heidegger of all people. I wonder if Marek Weber helped.

susan s. said...

That is the aim of Max Raabe, to perform that music from Weimar Republic. He talked about the people who wrote and performed the music and then either left for other climes or were put in concentration camps. He is always particular to mention the names and circumstances when he does the concerts because otherwise their names are gone into the thin air.

I loved this particular song about the 'kleiner greuner kaktus' that I gave you the link to. They are coming to Oakland in February to perform in the Paramount Theater, a lovingly restored huge movie theater on Broadway.