Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bet Against the American Dream!

Members of the cast of Avenue Q sing a tribute to all those aspiring John Galts called "Bet Against the American Dream." You can sing along here.

The economy collapsing like a dying star,
No one will know 'til it's on NPR,
And who cares?

Our system: Socialism for the rich (government subsidized risk) and raw capitalism (no credit, no charity, you're on your own, sucker) for everyone else.

To give you an idea how far to the right the political center has shifted, anyone remember Richard Nixon's Family Assistance program of 1969 that proposed a guaranteed national income? Can anyone imagine anything remotely like that being seriously considered today by anyone other than the Green Party? The very idea! Sharing my hard earned money with a bunch of shiftless dead-beats! Only radical America-hating socialists like Thomas Paine and Dr. Martin Luther King ever seriously entertained the idea of a guaranteed national income.

Hat tip to Frank Rich and to NPR.

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Unknown said...

Nice job, Frank. It is truly sad statement of who we've become.