Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Rainbow Future

While that gay quisling group, GOProud, that wants to bleach the rainbow flag, dominates the news, the gay future is quietly being created in, of all places, the still very gay hostile South.
It turns out that the city with the highest number of gay families (couples with children) in the USA is not New York or San Francisco, but Jacksonville, Florida.
Where the public face of Gay Lib has always been white, male, and affluent, the reality behind that face was always much more minority and poor (even among white gay boys, there are a whole lot more of them from blue-collar backgrounds and in low income jobs than most people assume). The majority of gay families in the USA are Black or Hispanic or mixed race, female, low income, church-going, and living in the South.

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Rick+ said...

"Quisling" – you're kinder than I with your adjectives, Doug.