Sunday, January 22, 2012

Easy On The Eyes

Bill Maher said that politics is showbiz for ugly people.

Now that Newt Gingrich has won the SC primary, it looks like we will be waking up to his leering Jack-O-Lantern face every morning on the news for awhile. So, maybe I'll start posting pretty people here just for relief from time to time.

Requests are welcome.

I'll start with Uma Thurman in Kill Bill for you female fanciers, and James Franco on the cover of Vogue, Paris for all you man lovers.

Pretty People for Monday morning: Billy Crudup and Jessica Leccia


JCF said...

Pretty wimmins--that's what I like! ;-D

Jessica Leccia.

Freema Agyemann.

CBS's courageous Lara Logan.

Eternally, Renee' O'Connor of Xena.

And my newest honey, Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown-Findley. (sp?)

[That's a start. ;-)]

JCF said...

Truthfully though, I'm THRILLED Newt won. Let the clusterf*ck freakshow circus Roll On! *LOL*

Counterlight said...

Stay tuned to this station, JCF.

IT said...

I like my women .... curvy. ;-)

Meanwhile, thanks though for making an attempt to counter the effect of Newt's jowels.

JCF said...

Dimples, SQUEEEEE!!!

Thank you, Doug! [Can barely type, cuz blood rushes from head....elsewhere. >;-)]

JCF said...

More pretty, please!

[Just wrote a post (@ Mimi's) about "Romney vs Gingrich", and need something to relieve my nausea! }-p]