Thursday, April 5, 2012


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The liberation of Mauthausen concentration camp, Austria, 1945


Tristan Alexander said...

I know I will most likely get a negative reaction, but I just have to say every time I see or hear anything about the liberation of concentration camps my first thought is always anger over the fact that the GAY prisoners of these camps where left there by the "liberators" and treated as criminals and less than human! Leaving Gays to die and treating them like they were NOT just as worthy of being saved from this hell as anyone else is just unforgivable! And anyone who does not think I am stating fact can look it up!

Counterlight said...

I mentioned that fact in a comment I made on Thinking Anglicans. Those few gay men who survived the camps were re-imprisoned by Allied and Soviet occupation forces after the war under paragraph 175 of the German penal code, a law passed in 1871 (the word "homosexual" was coined by German psychologists in the 19th century making the case for criminalizing same sex attraction). Many of those survivors were not finally released from prison until the 1960s.

I also mentioned Alan Turing who cracked the Nazi Enigma Code and saved the British bacon as much as Churchill did in WWII. His country thanked him for his service by imprisoning him for homosexuality and forcing him to undergo "therapy." driving him to suicide.