Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Standing Up to Bullies

Here's something that you almost never see on the New York subway, someone talking back to one of those so-called "preachers."

Many times I've had to suffer these bastards, and every time I suffered in silence.  How marvelous to see someone finally call them out publicly on their shit.  Watch and see where the sympathies of the other subway passengers are.  They are not with the self-appointed preacher of the Faith Once Delivered to All the Saints.

The subway preachers are nothing of the sort.  They are bullies.  For them, the Bible is a cudgel to beat people over the head.  Their message is nothing more than their own resentments writ large upon the cosmos.

This is what the struggle for gay liberation really looks like, especially the religious struggle.  The excruciatingly polite debates in synods and seminaries and in the comment threads of Thinking Anglicans are the anomaly.

I argued in a previous post that what the puritan and fundamentalist want most of all is revenge, to see their enemies humiliated and destroyed and themselves vindicated.  And finally, at least one man has had enough and calls one of them out on it.

And to those who cherish homophobia and the clobber verses as central tenets of the Christian religion up there with belief in the Resurrection and the Trinity, watch the reaction of the crowd on this video and consider that the writing is on the wall.  If you want to see who is to blame for your recent string of  defeats on this issue, then look in the mirror.

Hat tip to Joe.My.God.

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