Saturday, May 18, 2013

Speaking of Violence as a Fact of Life for Gay Men ...

Here is some empirical evidence hot off the press:

A gay man was shot in the face and killed last night in Greenwich Village here in New York about midnight.

A 32-year-old man was shot once in the face and rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The victim's identity has not been revealed yet.  
 [Police Commissioner Raymond] Kelly said about 15 minutes before the shooting, the suspected gunman was urinating on the outside wall of a West Village bar, and then walked into the bar and threatened the bartender with a silver pistol. The suspect then left the bar, joined two other men and then the three confronted the victim and a male companion, who were walking south on Sixth Avenue. 
 The alleged shooter called the victim and companion anti-gay slurs several times and asked if they were "gay wrestlers," according to Kelly. After the victim was shot once in the cheek, the suspect fled to MacDougal Street and West 3rd Street. There, Kelly said the alleged gunman dropped his weapon and was caught by police.

The Police Commissioner went on to say that this clearly was a hate crime.  This is the fourth anti-gay crime in mid Manhattan in 3 weeks and clearly the most serious.

Photo from the New York Post of the suspect in police custody

The guy is clearly messed up in the head, but how many want to bet that "Jesus" "told" him to do this?


The murder victim has been identified.  His name is Mark Carson.

The suspect, who was carrying a fake ID at the time of his arrest, has been identified as Elliot Morales.  His 2 companions that night are still at large.

Local activists organized a vigil at the murder site last night.

Hat tip to JoeMyGod.

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An elderly gay man in NJ was also murdered by that CRAZY internet "Hatchet Guy". Enough killing already!