Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another Great Day to be Gay

The Land of Enchantment just got a little more enchanting.

The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of marriage equality.  New Mexico makes it 17 states now.

Brian Boitano FINALLY comes out of the closet, and increases the LGBT representation among the American delegation going to the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics.  Put it there Putin!

Was any pious bigot or homophobic thug ever so graceful?  There are times when I think some people obsessively hate gay men because they are so pretty (well, a lot of them anyway).

And America's Best Christian gets the best (if not the last) word on the Duck Dynasty Affair.


Hold on to your adult diapers, because  marriage equality comes to Utah!  That's right, Utah!  The belly of the Mormon beast now has marriage equality!
You might as well tell me that marriage equality has come to Mississippi or the Vatican or Russia or Iran or Uganda or Bob Jones "University"!!

It might not last but still ... freakin' amazin'!!!!!


susan s. said...

Brian Boitano is still skating? Or I could be mistaking him for another older skater. Oh, well! This was something we didn't know?

JCF said...

Susan, that's (heavily-moussed) 80s hair, in the pic above.

Good on ya, Brian, even if it SEEMS a little late (politically re Putin, it was right on time!)

Felicidades, New Mexico! [As someone at JMG noted: TEXAS now has SSM on its border! Yee-Haw!]

Counterlight said...

"As someone at JMG noted: TEXAS now has SSM on its border! Yee-Haw!"

I wonder if Texas will now invade New Mexico. They must feel as surrounded now as the Russians always do.

Paul said...

Texas has already given us our Republican governor. Do we need a border fence to protect ourselves?

And hooray for my adopted state! I love living here.

JCF said...

Just one word: UTAH!!!!

Mofo UTAH!!! :-O