Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back to Texas

... for a few days to visit.  Back to the land of biscuits and gravy where macaroni and cheese is considered a vegetable (I love it).  Back to where the Heavenly Banquet is a plate of enchiladas and a cold beer (or if you're on the Gulf coast, a big plate of boiled shrimp and a cold beer).

And to keep you company while I'm gone, Bonkers and Willy:


June Butler said...

Bonkers looks quite sane and smart to me. Have a safe trip and a good visit in your homeland.

JCF said...

Aw, Teh Gatos. <3

Pssst, Doug: if you really want to escape the Polar Vortex, California has been *disgustingly* sunny&warm [I say "disgustingly" w/o irony. We've entered a drought, and I WANT PRECIP! Preferably frozen, in the Sierra!]

...which means, if you DID come to SunnyCal, you might bring cold&stormy weather w/ you. ;-/

Have a good trip to Tejas, Doug.