Friday, October 24, 2014

Passion Latest

Facebook reverses itself.  We can promote our page after all.


Our book is getting around the gay press, mostly as a novelty item.  Our fight with Facebook was featured on Gay Star News.  Reporter Tris Reid-Smith probably deserves the credit for getting Facebook to reverse itself by doing his job and finally getting through and talking to a human being at Facebook.  I suspect that everyone I talked to at Facebook was a robot or an algorithm.

Our book is also the subject of a feature on Queerty.  The article described the painting series as "steamy."  'Bout time Jesus generated a little steam heat.

Even before the Facebook fracas broke out we were featured in an article on Pink News in Europe.

And to top it all off, the haters are starting to notice.  Here is a video posted by someone calling themselves AdamAndEveNotSteve:

I enjoy the creepy robot voice with a British accent doing the narration.

Not bad for something I started in the summer of 2001 with lots of second thoughts, back when I was a badly under-employed and under-paid adjunct professor who owed lots of back rent on that studio space.


For reasons that are not clear to me, our book appears to be generating much more conversation in Europe than in the USA.  Here is an article in Czech with a generous selection of paintings from the series.


Leonard said...

By St. George, they *got it*

Kittredge Cherry said...

Thanks be to good friends, the gay press, and God!

Kittredge Cherry said...

One of the many strange things about this whole Facebook censorship is that they were upset by one of the book’s tamer images. “Jesus Goes to His Execution” did not make a big impression on me until now. It will forever remind me of the Facebook battle, our own small taste of what Christ faced when he carried his cross.

JCF said...

Hey Doug, wazzup? You OK?

My BFF & fam are traveling to Europe in January, and her daughter (my namesake) is going to school in Florence. I'm sending them a link to your Florence series! :-)

Counterlight said...

I'm alright. I'm just insanely busy these days. I've got a post about Paris which I've been working on in my precious little off time. I've been working on it for about a month and I hope to post it soon. I'm using what little time off I have in my studio, where things are kinda stuck right now.

Your BFF and family are welcome to the Florence posts, another unfinished project among so many that haunt me from this blog.

Thanks for asking.