Saturday, May 30, 2015

Commencement Season

Farewell to my childhood,
Goodbye to my school,
Dressed like a professor,
I feel like a fool,
My mother is crying,
Dad straightens his tie,
Hello to the future,
I'm only eighteen!
Good bye to my childhood,
Farewell to my school

-- Garrison Keillor

Dr. Ruth Bass, Department Chair, Art and Music, and Yours Truly at Bronx Community College Commencement yesterday.
The weather was mercifully bearable for wearing academic regalia, unlike past years.

And yes, my hat is a little too small.  Next year, I'll remember to order a size 8 instead of a size 7 1/2.


Kittredge Cherry said...

A tip of the graduation cap to you, Doug!

JCF said...

Congrats to graduates, teachers and parents!

Off-topic: Doug, w/ your focus on David Wojnarwicz, I wonder if you've seen this before (just came across it at JoeMyGod, connected to the thread on Hastert's deceased victim):

Uff da.

Counterlight said...

Yes, I'm familiar with that piece by Wojnarowicz. It informs all of the paintings in the series. I have been following the Hastert case, and I should post on it. I've been slow posting on the blog. Post-semester exhaustion has caught up with me along with a lot of post-poned doctor visits. I'll post something soon.