Monday, November 16, 2015

"Greater Love Has No One Than This ..."

The youngest son of Adel Termos with a picture of his father.  Adel Termos died while tackling a suicide bomber in Beirut, and saving the lives of countless people.

While terrorists sacrifice themselves to kill as many people indiscriminately as possible, let us remember those who like Termos give their lives to indiscriminately save as many people as possible, frustrating the designs of evil men.


JCF said...

Also U.S. Army Capt. Florant Groberg, who received the Medal of Honor last week for doing the same thing (Capt Grobert was badly wounded, but survived).

All the darkness in the world make the lights shine even brighter. Alleluia.

JCF said...

That kid* just better not try to come HERE, because the House of Representives (inc my own Democratic Rep) just said to Drop (or Drown) Dead. SHAME!

* Yes, I realize the child above is Lebanese, not Syrian. Do you really think it matters to the Congressional bigots/cowards who passed this bill? [Kid's an A-rab/Muslim THEM, is all.]