Saturday, May 12, 2018

The New Messiah

"I am the Messiah you always wanted. I'm rich, white, successful, powerful, aggressive. I will wreak vengeance on all of your enemies. I will rescue you and keep you safe from all harm. I will give you glory and put humankind under your feet. I will turn stones to bread. I will conquer the earth. You will see that God is with me when the angels keep me from falling. I will remake the world and make it right by the force of my irresistible power. I speak plainly and not in riddles.
I won't disappoint you by dying on any cross."

White evangelicals quitting Christianity and trading in a Palestinian Jew for Donald Trump as their messiah makes my life a lot easier and less complicated.  It certainly clarifies things.  In the end all of that moralizing posturing was always about race and white nationalism (formerly known as racism).

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