Thursday, July 4, 2019

Americans One and All, Americans Now and Always

A Tonkawa family, Texas, 1898

A Hopi family, Arizona Territory, 1903

A pioneer family in Custer County, Nebraska, 1886

The Tanner family, 1890

The Lugo family, California, 1870

A Brooklyn family, late 19th century

Two Union soldiers from the Civil War.  I have no idea about the nature of their relationship.  Discreet matters in history usually remain discreet.

The Tape family, Berkley, California, c.1884

A Muslim congregation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1930s

A family of Egyptian Jews, New York, 1928

Frances Shimer and Cinderella Gregory, 1869, their relationship is described as a "Boston marriage."

Chinese American children, Bolivar, Mississippi, 1938

The Hinzelmann family in South Dakota, Germans from Bessarabia (today Moldava and part of Ukraine), 1920

A Puerto Rican family in New York, 1940s

The Numata family, Utah, 1922

The Puna Singh family, Yorba, California, 1940s

A Hindu congregation in Maine

My family, Dallas, Texas, 1965

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