Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm posting this because it is so beautiful; the Adhan sung at the great Mosque-Madrasah of Sultan Hasan in Cairo.

I've never traveled in Muslim countries. But I've always heard stories of the glorious cacophony of the hour of prayer.

Here is what he is singing.


Brian R said...

You might have a different opinion if (like me) you once stayed in a hotel opposite the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and were woken at 6am :-)
However the bells in the morning in Florence can also be a bit trying.

Counterlight said...

Twenty years ago, I used the bells of the Cathedral of Siena as an alarm clock to get up and get ready for class. They rang promptly at 7AM every morning.

I think a night in Istanbul across from the Blue Mosque would be worth a 6AM wake up call from a muezzin.

toujoursdan said...

On that trip to Saint-Louis Sénégal my hotel room was surrounded by about 4-5 mosques and got quite a cacophony 5 times a day.

I loved it. It gave the place such an exotic feel. And there was nothing like having a nice French dinner with wine overlooking the river with the mosque chanting in the background.