Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Yorkers Are Not Amused

It's hot today.

It's 11AM and it's already in the 90sF. It's supposed to top 100F degrees (that's 38 degrees C for all the rest of you) in a few hours.

The Queen is in town. So, traffic is snarled all over the city. The hot weather, high electricity demand, and the Queen's visit means fewer more crowded trains running slower. People are crankier and more temperamental than usual today.

I'm praying that those Vietnam War era AC units donated by Lady Bird Johnson in my classroom keep working today, or I'm going to have a roomful of really cranky students.

It's hot, the Queen's in town, and Michael is really feeling his Irish today.

So, here's a little serenade for Her Majesty:

Let's hope she gets out to see the town.


Michael tells me that out here in Brooklyn in the Demilitarized Zone between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the temperature reached 103F (that's NOT the heat index). I'll bet it was that hot up in the Bronx, and I had to travel in it. Nothing cool and fresh ever wafts in from the BQE.


I understand that Her Majesty braved the heat to visit Ground Zero, and a garden dedicated to British casualties in the September 11th attacks.

And then there's this to finish the day (it's 8PM and it's still 95F outside):



IT said...

Ironically cold and rainy in SoCal. Very strange.

JCF said...

Hang in there, Doug.

I've always loved this song, but I especially loved the way it was used in the movie Kinsey:

Kinsey's boss (played by whats-his-face): "We don't expect The Report to attract too much attention..."

[Footage of Bikini Atoll H-bomb blast: KA-BOOM!!!!]

Then Ella singin'

"...according to the Kinsey Report, every av-er-age man you know..."


Counterlight said...

After I let my students go 5 minutes early, since the classroom is cooled by a single vintage 1966 AC unit, I thought, "ya know, they don't need AC in San Francisco."

Counterlight said...

I'll have to rent that movie sometime. I've heard it is really good.

God Bless Dr. Kinsey.

Did he have AC?

Paul (A.) said...

If I hadn't had to work today I would have braved the heat to show the Queen a "Send Rowan Home" sign.

Unknown said...

We're hot here in Michigan - about 93 degrees, but certainly not as HOT as you are there! I here Central Park hit a 103 degrees too!

David G. said...

It's only 82 down here in central Florida, .. I wondered where our heat went, ..well you can have it, ..I don't miss it a bit!!

Counterlight said...

My friend Wilfried informs me that New York today was 15 degrees hotter than Singapore, Manila, and Hong Kong.


JCF said...

Heh: for some reason (w/ all Blogger's weirdness) I could have SWORN that "I'll have to rent Kinsey some time" comment was from *Mimi*.

I was going to give her (and just as important, Grandpere) a (brief) male nudity and men kissing disclaimer.

With you, I suspect such a warning is not necessary? ;-p

[Oh, Kinsey's boss was played by Oliver Platt: I KNEW the name would come to me! :-/]

JCF said...

She started the heat wave, by making her seat wave...


[JCF, perving on THAT image!]