Monday, July 12, 2010

Proposed New Political Party Totems

Thomas Nast's elephant and donkey are getting old, and don't really reflect reality much anymore. Here are some possible replacements.

The Democratic Party (the feckless party), the bunny rabbit

The Republican Party (the reckless party), the Tasmanian Devil


JCF said...

Unfortunately, the Tasmanian Devil may soon become extinct (because of an invasive disease).

Re the GOP: IF ONLY!!!!!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I think the Dems are weasels--or hyenas.

And I think the Repugs are more like ants. Have you ever read E.O. Wilson's description of ants? "If ants were given nuclear weapons, the world would be destroyed within a week." Repugs are not as efficient as ants, but they are certainly aggressive and warlike...and their drones are mindless and do what they are told.

Davis said...

But I like Bunny Rabbits!

Counterlight said...

I like bunny rabbits too, just not in Congress.