Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And Another One Bites The Dust

Grant Storms' mugshot

One of Grant Storms' "Purity Parades" through the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Another champion of the Plain Meaning of Scripture gets caught with his pants down and his willy waving in the wind.

New Orleans preacher Grant Storms who thundered against gays and lesbians with megaphones, who led "purity parades" through the French Quarter in New Orleans during the annual "Southern Decadence" gay events, gets caught in his van with his pants down jerking off while watching school children in a playground. You can read all about it here at JoeMyGod.

Another holy hater exposed as a perv, and particularly nasty perv this time.

I think homophobia is dying. It will either literally die off with the members of the older generations who still cling to it, or it will be ultimately laughed off the stage with the blatant hypocrisies and foolishness of its champions. I'm beginning to think that the latter will happen before the former.

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one, 'O God, make my enemies ridiculous,' and God granted it." -- Voltaire


Rick+ said...

     Despite the fact I know not everyone who has trouble coming to terms with gays is either a pedophile or cheating on his wife or a closet case, this sure seems to be getting rather predictable. At least in the case of those who are the most outspoken and vehement, it does seem that it is a really clear "tell," as we would say at our poker tables here in Nevada. You always want to play against someone who has a "tell" because you'll always know when they're bluffing or when they actually have some good cards. My impression of those who pick up megaphones on corner streets to denounce gays is they're always bluffing – they got nuthin' – up the ante on them… you'll always win.

JCF said...

Even my 90 year-old dad (NOT the world's most LGBT affirming person, as his age-cohort might suggest) is getting a kick out of these hypocrites getting caught w/ their pants down.

My dad is garden-variety 90 year-old straight man who, if pressed to think about Teh Gay, will probably roll his eyes or snicker.

...but the thing is---HE DOESN'T THINK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S SEX LIVES!!! Sane people don't! They don't care! They just live their own lives.

Which @sswipes like "Grant Storms" never learned how to do. He OBSESSES re others---so he doesn't have to face the Monster-in-the-Mirror. Buh-bye, Grant!