Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Needs Help

You can be one of the Legion of Mercy.

The catastrophe is getting worse and worse by the hour. If you'd like to help, then here are some resources:

You can go to the American Red Cross that has a number of ways you can help and donate to relief in Japan.

You can go directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

The Japan Society is setting up its own relief fund.

*An extra note on donations, if you specify Japan relief on your donation, those funds will go only to Japan relief. The aid agency is legally obliged to spend your money according to your stated intentions. If you wish your funds to cover other emergencies or ongoing crises such as the earthquake aftermath in Haiti or local needs where you live, then either make separate donations, or a single "unrestricted" donation.
--tip of the beret to Mary O'Shaughnesy of the Red Cross.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the connections, Doug, and also for the reminder that we need to share!