Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 - 2016

‎"Rejoice, the bells cry to me. Blake's Old Nobodaddy in his astronomic telescopic heaven, the Big White Christian upstairs is dead, and won't come hazing us no more, nor bless our bombs."
-- WH Auden

And in case you need it, here's a reminder of what we are all up against:

The same people who hate him, hate us.


JCF said...

I kinda like the Tweet I saw (Ana Marie Cox), "Thank you, President Biden, for your leadership."


Truly, until the last week, I had high hopes for 2013. But not this year.

El Presidente tiene cojones! :-D

Leonard said...

El Presidente tiene cojones!

(no shit, I saw behind the face of the face who was in the War Room awaiting the results of the night of Osama)...let the squawkers, squeekers and whiners do what they will...enough with tolerating the intolerable and the everyday bigots really do need to adjust, to grow up and to shut the fu*k up for an eternity or twelve...tiresome/spoiled (won´t they be surprised when they finally get the repairitive ¨therapy¨ they need..hope those fat health plans cover it)!

JCF said...


We could have an anti-gay BULLY as President.

Your choice, USA.