Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Happens

... and it happened A LOT at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

I'm sure that many of us can tell similar stories about people we've known or been acquainted with. I knew a young man years ago diagnosed with AIDS whose very pious family cut him off completely, would not care for him, pay for his care, or even visit him. When he died, they didn't even bother to come to his funeral.

So much for "... and the greatest of these is love."

 And now that North Carolina has made any kind of gay living arrangement (and all hetero arrangements other than marriage) outside the law, why not move this year's Democratic Convention out of that state?   The phobes aren't going to vote Dem anyway.

All of these anti-gay "protect marriage" initiatives have nothing to do with marriage.  They're all about denying legitimacy to any kind of same sex relationship, and stampeding the rednecks into voting their fears and resentments and voting Republican (and since I come from Texas and have my own trailer park relatives, I'll use the term "redneck" as much as I want).

And if the Dems won't try to stop the Christian Taliban from attempting to step into absolute power to build their theocracy on gay bodies, then we'll do this fight ourselves.  We've done it before.

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