Friday, November 9, 2012

Thank You So Much!

 LGBTs won the lottery this week while our enemies came up snake-eyes.

We are not a very big group, maybe around 5% of the population.  We could not possibly have won these fights in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota on our own.  No one's rights should ever be put up for a vote, but when our enemies did just that with our rights, our straight friends, families, neighbors, and colleagues came through for us and called their bluff.

 To all umpteen million of you who voted for us instead of the bad guys,


To all of our straight families and friends who worked so hard on our behalf, and kept working-- and working harder-- despite getting a taste of what we have to live with,


You're the best friends anyone could possibly have!

Let's celebrate!  Have a mimosa made with pure Florida orange juice from the Florida Sunshine Tree.

Here's a little glimpse of the new normal.  What's remarkably new about this clip from Australia is not the couple becoming engaged, but the enthusiastic embrace from everyone around them.

I never in a million years thought I'd ever see anything like this in my lifetime.

And there are so many many straight folk to thank for this!



Tristan Alexander said...

Just here to say I was wrong! I was positive that every Sate would vote against equal rights for gays just as they had in all the previous instances...but I am MORE than happy to say, I WAS WRONG!

I disagree with you on the percentage of people who are gay, I still think the 10% estimate is closer to right, but untill everyone who IS gay/lesbian can feel safe and comfortable coming out, we will never know!

June Butler said...

I couldn't vote, but I am thrilled with the votes in favor of gay marriage. My mouth is watering for that mimosa.

Counterlight said...

Have a mimosa Tristan and join the party!

You may be right about the percentage. I'm just guessing.

Counterlight said...

Have a mimosa, Mimi.

And thanks for being such a champion for us!

JCF said...

Just as touching as in Australia, and closer to home: Two Women From Maryland Getting Engaged On Election Night

[And this couple? In 2012, they---along w/ the happy *verklempt* crowd around them---ARE AMERICA NOW!!!! :-D]

JCF said...

Ooops, forgot to say: THANK YOU, STRAIGHT ALLIES!!!! Good on ya---your wedding invites are in the mail! ;-D

IT said...

The straight allies awe me. They don't have a "dog in the fight" the way we do, yet they stand up for us and with us. We are so lucky to have them as our friends, families, and allies.

June Butler said...

Our dog in the fight is our common humanity. It's only right. First they took the Jews....

Mary Clara said...

Doug, I am just ecstatic about the vote here in Maryland and the clean sweep in the other three states. There is a lot of work still to do, but what a turning point!

I accept the warm feelings behind your thanks to straight allies who helped work toward this (and vote for it), but honestly, I don't feel that thanks are due me. On a purely selfish basis, I don't want to live in a country where anybody faces discrimination and is treated as less than fully human. It diminishes me and weakens the society. I want all families to be strengthened and dignified. I want everybody's gifts to be brought out into the open and shared fully with the entire community. The relationship of any committed couple adds its own special gifts, over and above those of the two individuals. I want that to radiate out from all the gay couples who can now say their vows in the open and be validated by the community. It will be uplifting for us all.

Lifting a glass to you and your beloved! Only wish we could do it in person.

Lapinbizarre said...

Old enough for "Florida orange juice" to evoke an initial, reflex negative reaction.