Monday, November 12, 2012


Uganda continues to give us a look at what the Christian Taliban plans for all the rest of us.  The current speaker of the Ugandan Parliament vows to push through the "Kill the Gays" bill in time for Christmas.  JoeMyGod has all the details.

If the bill passes, any homosexual activity, the discussion of homosexuality, and failure to report known homosexuals to the government will become legal offenses punishable with prison time.  "Second offenses" of any and all of these infractions will merit the death penalty.  That includes straight people who speak favorably about gays, who knowingly shelter gays, or fail to report them.

The American right wing religious donors funding and organizing this campaign to persecute and exterminate LGBTs appeal to African resentment over colonialism (a bitter irony since the religious right are the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for American imperial adventures).  They've persuaded some Ugandans to persist on this course despite threats from the European Union and the USA to suspend economic aid and impose sanctions.

Scott Lively's finger prints are all over this.

As I've said before, the religious right lost big in the last election because they are such assholes.


JCF said...

As I said in the last thread, I believe I'll see Scott Lively in heaven, so I better start getting to know/love/understand/forgive him now.

That doesn't mean a PRISON TERM for Scott isn't part of that process! >:-(

[Still can't believe he visited a "church" about 3 miles away from me last spring... :-0]

JCF said...

I saw, Doug, you posted to Thinking Anglicans about this subject. I mention that, because my comment on Uganda to Thinking Anglicans was NOT published [I think I've been banned by TA. I frighten the horses or something :-( ]

Counterlight said...

TA bumps my comments often. I don't think it is just you.