Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Favorite Photo

Taken by Diana Davies on June 24, 1970.  It shows Marty Robinson and Tom Doerr together during a sit in by the Gay Activists Alliance at the Republican Campaign headquarters in New York City for then Governor Nelson Rockefeller.  Robinson and Doerr were arrested with 3 others that day.  They were demanding that Rockefeller take a stand for gay rights just a year after Stonewall.

Tom Doerr was a graphic artist who invented the lambda symbol for gay rights.  Here is his original drawing for the lambda symbol with his explanation for it.


JCF said...

Thank you, beautiful youths-in-love. [Are these two still around? Did they survive The Plague?]

Counterlight said...

Alas, they are both gone. Both perished in The Plague. Tom died in 1987 and Marty died in 1992.