Sunday, October 6, 2013


We have a new kitten.  Her name is Bonkers.  She's 5 months old, and from the Bideawee Shelter about a block from the UN HQ (you can see it from the shelter).  She's our first cat to arrive by boat.  We took the East River Ferry there and back to get her.

She was very shy at first, but today she's out and about a whole apartment full of furniture that's now hers to destroy.  And here she is:

Michael took this picture

Another picture by Michael

I took this picture

Willy is being very good about this; no bottle-brush tail, no lunging, at least not yet.  He's very unhappy.  He's been yowling and hissing for the last 24 hours.

Until this afternoon, the 2 cats kept to their time-out spots.  Willy stayed in the bedroom and Bonkers under the coffee table.  She didn't finally come out until this afternoon.  They are both terrified of each other.  Willy required an escort from Michael to go to the litter box this morning.
It was a long night last night between his unhappy yowls and her plaintive kitten mewls.
Michael tells me that this is all going so much more smoothly than when he brought Willy home to Betty 12 years ago.  They fought for days.
Nothing like that has happened yet, not even close.  So, we are cautiously optimistic about the future.  We are delighted to have Bonkers.  Michael was getting so lonely without another girl cat in the house.  And I suspect Willy was getting bored and lonely too, especially since he's at home by himself when we are both at work.

I took this picture of an unhappy Willy; "I thought I was the baby."


Tristan Alexander said...

AWW, nice new memeber of your family. I am sure the two cats will eventualy lern to live with each other, I mean, they are animals, not politicians!

Counterlight said...


JCF said...

Aw! Tuxedo love!

Were you able to get Bonkers blessed today? This one looks like she needs it! ;-)

So happy for your "pride", Doug.

Counterlight said...

Bonkers and Willy are our blessing.

Our "pride" wouldn't do well at the Blessing of the Animals. Bonkers would go exploring in the priest's robes and Willy would say "Get me the f--- outta here!" instead of "Amen."