Sunday, June 28, 2015

An Especially Happy Pride to All!

Everyone goes on and on about how fast public opinion has changed on gay marriage since about 2010.
We know better.  We know that what has come to pass came after 150 years of hard struggle with a lot of deaths.  I remember when people (who were usually not gay) wondered where our leaders were, who would be the be prophetic leader who would take us all over the Jordan into freedom.
It turns out that we had lots of leaders, millions of them.  Everyone who ever came out of a closet is a leader.

An especially happy Pride Day to All!

Berlin 1920s

New York 1970


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Nuncle said...

Dear Rusty Warren! I wasn't altogether sure, so I resorted to Wikipedia, which let me know that, yes, she is still alive at 85. Alive and she answers all her Facebook mail personally!