Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another Day, Another Massacre

People praying in Charleston, SC last night

A young white man opened fire on a Bible study class in a historic AME church in Charleston SC last night killing 9 people including the church's pastor.
Police have identified the suspected gunman as 21 year old Dylan Roof.

The point of this crime was to intimidate, terrify, and provoke.  In other words, this was an act of terrorism.


JCF said...

I want to know about EVERY SINGLE INFLUENCE that affected 21 yo Dylann Storm[front?] Roof.

And I want to make them PAY!

Gerrit said...

Dylann Roof had been "planning something like that for six months," a friend of his, Dalton Tyler -said-

Did Mr Tyler warn the authorities? No.

I want both of them behind bars.