Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Moment of Clear Decision

I'm not interested in living in any country where Nazi flags are flown, or people make the Hitlergruss, and the head of state just shrugs; or worse, climbs up on some plastic cross when people call him out on his own morally blind vanity. I can't think of any symbol that screams crime and death more than a swastika flag. That flag stands for the extermination and enslavement of all of humankind, 'except for our kind who are gods.'
I'm more interested in living in that country we used to have that fought the Nazis and won. I have no desire to live in some ethno-fascist fortress state of frightened white people.
I want to live in that cosmopolitan secular democracy that we are throwing away because we pee in our pants at the thought of having to share a country with people who are not exactly like us; because we've allowed demagogues to convince us that when someone else gets something, we lose something.

Life and Death, blessings and curses, are set before us today. Let us choose wisely that our children may live.

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