Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We Did It Before And We Can Do It Again!

Two of many reworked WWII posters making the rounds on the internet over the past few days:


JCF said...

I've been posting the top one everywhere since I first saved it in February (it has special meaning to me, as the child of a WW2 vet). I'm also remembering a film I saw some years ago (Turner Classic Movies maybe?) called "They'll Never Forget": it was a fictionalized account of the Leo Frank lynching (made less than 25 years later).

What do we do w/ the past, w/ historical memory (or "memory", as it was created---in this case, by Southern racists---after the fact)? It was, of course, a white Southerner who said "the past is never dead; it's not even past" (Faulkner). And what do we do w/ the fact that "South" (like the Volk) is now Everywhere? [In the same way that we HOPED MLK and Civil Rights Struggle was, very intentionally, Everywhere?]

What do I do w/ the fact that *I* sort of cringed, when I saw that monument in Durham roughly pulled down? That even *I* can see the artistic merit in Stone Mountain---the parallels to ISIS, if it's sandblasted---while loathing both the HATE that created it, and the HATE that defends it today? How do we reconcile stories---even as we make clear that some stories are hate-filled myths, which have no Truth in them?

More questions than answers.

Oh, except One Little Answer: Donald FUCKING Trump has got to go. Period, full-stop. 25th amendment or impeachment (or act of God): Out! [But w/ every traitorous (Russian AND Confederate!) act that got/keeps him here fully-investigated---so this NEVER happens again!]

Counterlight said...

I'm having similar mixed feelings about all of this. I would prefer seeing these things removed in an orderly fashion and put in storage or museums. Now that blood has been shed, it may be too late for that now. I have no idea what to do about Stone Mountain.

I certainly agree about Trump: clean Trump and his Nazis out of the White House and then scrub it down with disinfectant.