Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, I Loved It.

I've voted in every presidential election since I wasted a vote on John Anderson in 1976, and I've never seen anything like that stadium speech in Denver tonight. I loved the speech; a great stem-winder that provoked thought rather than suppressed it. The crowd ate it up. I heard on the radio that Denver police estimated 84,000 people in and around a stadium designed to hold 75,000. The police said that the line of people waiting to get in was 6 miles long.

It was brilliant political theater and a huge gamble. Maybe it will work.

By the way, the first day of class went fine.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too.

I'm glad the class went well, and I really wish that I had been there (both locations).

Counterlight said...

All of my classes are basic surveys for freshmen, not worth your time.
In a couple of weeks, I start teaching an adult class at NYU on German modernism 1892 - 1937, and yes, some of that class will find its way onto this blog.

susan s. said...

Yes, it was lovely, wasn't it? I have two favorite memories... the people who gave short stories of why they support Obama. And his giving of the election over to the people... "..this election has never been about me. It's about you. It's about you."

Anonymous said...


I look forward to whatever you will share here about the German modernism class. Thanks in advance.