Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day Tomorrow!

Mayor Quimby of Springfield declared "Snow Day" the "funnest day in history," but Mayor Bloomberg of New York shut down the schools for tomorrow. My college also shut down for the day tomorrow.
The local news and weather channels have been running around screaming like it's the Apocalypse. So far, it's cloudy and 40F degrees outside.

I think the Mayor made the right decision. The real blizzard isn't supposed to hit until the afternoon when the wee ones are getting out of school. There's lots of talk about "well, what if nothing happens like last time?" If we just get a dusting again, people will feel very silly. Better that than some kids in a weather related accident on the way home from school.

Well, maybe it will be a heavy snow after all. It's 10PM and the snow just started, a few hours earlier than expected.

It's 9AM and we had about 3 inches in the last hour. Maybe this will be a big snow after all. The main event still has yet to arrive.
I plan to enjoy the little holiday, take a nap, and get some back work done.


JayV said...

Has there been a run on peanut butter and bread at Gristedes?
My mom (R.I.P. in 1994) always talked about the Blizzard of 1947 (26.4"), which held the snow fall record up until 2006 in NYC (26.9"). We (in Burlington, VT) got a whopping 33" in 36 hrs on Jan 2-3 this year, but I remember living in Houston when everything would come to a stand-still with less than an inch. Ha! It's how you deal with it... and most kids just love it. Be safe.

Counterlight said...

I spent the winter of 1982 in Michigan where 2 feet of snow on the ground is normal.

Counterlight said...

You're right about Houston, and Texas in general. Watch those big macho pickups crawl through a half inch snowfall, ha!

Rick+ said...

{{{Sending hot chocolate thoughts to Doug and the cats}}}

Ciss B said...

Where in Michigan did you live??

The Midwest has gotten hit pretty badly the past few days and we in West Michigan are getting it now. We live the Greater Grand Rapids area now, but when we lived in Norfolk, VA in the 70s any amount of snow seemed to close everything down - even the Navy!

Counterlight said...

"Where in Michigan did you live??"

I spent a year at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in affluent Bloomfield Hills. My old 1972 Plymouth Satellite with a UT sticker on the back window looked very out of place there among the Mercs and Caddies.

I will say one thing for snow days, I really like the occasional surprise holiday. Makes me feel sorry for all the toiling drones in the Sunbelt.

BillyD said...

It's been snowing here in Providence, but it's not been sticking. I expect it will get nasty after dark.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Lordy, lordy, you folks in the snow have my sympathy. It's cold here but thank goodness, no snow.

I think of the homeless most of all.