Thursday, October 25, 2012


Fr. Jonathan Hagger, the Mad Priest of Newcastle lost one of his dogs yesterday.  Glenna died after a sudden seizure.

Counterlight's Peculiars extends its sympathies on so sudden and terrible a loss of a dear old friend.

It is remarkable how close we become to beings with whom we share no language or culture, and are physically so different from us.  When they leave us, we grieve for them like we would grieve for our children.  They have always been our most faithful companions, still glad to see us no matter how bad a mess we make of things.

May Glenna rest in peace.

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JCF said...

Glenna, rest in peace?

Oh no: she is ROMPING in the eternal Happy Lands! Wagging her Golden Tail.

{{{MadGang, and all grieving their four-legged friends' absence}}}