Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Last Thought On The Pope

So many of my friends are very divided over the Pope's interview.  Some are absolutely thrilled and enthusiastic.  Others remain very suspicious and hostile.

Who knows what will happen.

Maybe this is as far as it goes, meaning that all this hopeful happy talk will be nothing more than an empty public relations gesture; damage control for an institution looking desperately for a new strategy for self preservation in a world than no longer trusts that it will do the right thing.

Or maybe the Pope is laying groundwork and testing waters for a substantial effort to change the direction of the Roman Catholic Church.  He could even reconvene the Vatican Council (as I recall, no one expected John XXIII, elected as a stopgap placeholder after the long reign of Pius XII, to convene a Vatican Council).

We will all find out eventually.

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JCF said...

The SacBee has a columnist named Marcos Breton, a Mexican-American RC of center-right political sensibilties ["left" on immigration, pro-(civil) marriage equality]. He said (approvingly) today that the Pope was just "opening a door."

Howard Zinn (and ever thus): "You can't be neutral on a moving train."

If Pope Francis is just saying friendly words out the "open door", while the speeding train of homophobia is LITERALLY killing us, than Who Give a F#ck?

...but as you say, it's too early to tell.