Friday, April 4, 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury on Gay Christians

The Archbishop addressed the issue on a recent phone in show.

"I have stood by gravesides in Africa of a group of Christians who had been attacked because of something that had happened in America. We have to listen to that. We have to be aware of the fact," Welby said. If the Church of England celebrated gay marriages, he added, "the impact of that on Christians far from here, in South Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria and other places would be absolutely catastrophic. Everything we say here goes round the world."

This is what I think:


The credit for the idea of using this old National Lampoon cover in this context goes to Prior Aelred of St. Gregory's Abbey in Michigan, who used it on Facebook.


JCF said...

The National Lampoon cover was at least *satire*.

IF ONLY Welby was being satirical!

After the CofE bishops recent statement on marriage equality (agin it, esp for priests), it's LIKE THEY DON'T EVEN CARE. They have ZERO interest in exactly how victim-blaming they appear. They don't care how they're making evangelism to LGBTs *next-to-impossible*. They don't care that they're ***letting murderously violent*** people off-the-hook.

They don't care. Kyrie eleison!

Murdoch Matthew said...

Welby seems to be talking only about "Christians" -- that some of them might be gay seems a puzzlement to him. And as far as lives being in danger, he gives no support at all to gay Africans (again, no thought that they may be Christian). He says he wakes in the night thinking about this. Well he might.

it's margaret said...

Perhaps we should also disenfranchise women, and not educate them, because there are people on this globe who batter and murder women because they want to drive a car to school...

His logic sucks.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

++Justin can no longer cover his thoughts, his beliving, his leadership skills...the man is a dangerous lightweight at church and throughout the Anglican Communion. Deadly at any speed and just one more anti-lgbti accomplice to legal pogroms in Africa/beyond. He must resign!

MarkBrunson said...

Welby is trash, just like Williams.