Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Govern or Not

A Libertarian state would not necessarily be a democratic one.  It certainly would not be an egalitarian state since it would be a hierarchy of "producers" and "moochers," or if you prefer, "winners" and "losers."  Why should the "producers" be bound by the same law as the "moochers?"  And why should the "losers" have an equal vote with the "winners," or any vote at all?  The idea of "free association" (each to their own kind) would effectively nullify all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws.

No-government is not the same as self-government.  Why bother with the niceties of due process and equal protection under the law when the "survival of the fittest" must necessarily cull the herd?  Why not let the Free Market determine who is capable of governing?

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