Monday, December 28, 2015

Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers in 1943:

All the political triumphalism in the world ain't worth one Cab Calloway or a single Nicholas brother.

Among my proudest boasts is that I share a birthday with Mr. Calloway.


JCF said...

Only *vaguely* related (mainly, by our respective JOYS in art): Doug, have you seen Carol yet? [I was reminded, like I said, vaguely, by relating Cab&NicholasBros to the gift Therese gives to Carol of a "Teddy Wilson feat Billie Holiday" album]

It's been a LONG time, since I saw a movie, and immediately began counting down to how soon I could see it again! [Saw for second time today, after catching Opening Day in Sacto, on Christmas Day!]

So wonderful. I really believe (totally unbiased!) it's a *universal* love story (that just happens to be between two women). Let me know if you've seen it?

Counterlight said...

Not yet.

Yael Deynes said...

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JCF said...

See how when you don't post often, Doug, people begin leaving off-topic comments? ;-/

I came upon this today, and thought of you (and your DW series): [Would be interested in your response]