Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Lent, Another Flame War Over the Passion Series.

The Advocate online featured the Passion Series and Kittredge Cherry's book on it again, a big spread with all the paintings reproduced.

Right now, there is a big flame war going on at The Advocate's Facebook page.  Most of it is the usual "Sick!! Sacrilege!! Apostasy!! Why don't you paint a gay Muhammad?" from the fundamentalists, and "Jesus didn't exist! This is a fucking waste of time!" from the atheists.

What a bore.

On the other hand, The Advocate's Facebook page for the article is now at 332 likes and 133 shares.  And The Advocate online's article has been shared a total of 646 times on Facebook and Twitter.


Kittredge Cherry said...

Don't let the flame wars get you down! We've still got a long way to go in Lent. Along with the ignorant comments there were some real gems from new people appreciating your work.

I think you'll appreciate this new one:
Lucianus Mauricius · Chicago, Illinois
"I liked it very much. It is provocative which is what we need and at the same time it makes you think of what would it be like it Jesus lived in our times. Would things go differently? All this coming from an agnostic....."

Now at 774 shares and counting!

Counterlight said...

As of 10AM EST this morning, it is now 888 shares.