Friday, March 11, 2016

Dark New Paintings From the David Wojnarowicz Series

These are my photos taken in my studio of the most recent paintings from the series about David Wojnarowicz.

They are both paintings about a very dark and desperate period of Wojnarowicz's life when he made a very hard living by hustling after he ran away from his violent alcoholic father starting around the age of 15 and continuing periodically throughout his life, even at the height of his fame.  Sometimes, his customers turned on him and raped him.  He was almost murdered 3 times.

These are paintings with a lot of sexual imagery, but they are really about economics.  David is working in both of these paintings.


Hustled, oil on canvas, 20" x 30" 2016


This painting was inspired by the photos of hustlers in Los Angeles by Phillip Loca DiCorcia, and is intended as a kind of salute to his work.  I also had Manet in the back of my mind.

Hustling, oil on canvas, 20" x 30", 2016

Working on both of these paintings was an unsettling experience.  I'm currently planning future paintings in the series and other pictures as well.  I plan to take a little break from all the darkness and paint a few still lives in homage to the late Lennart Anderson.  I paint a still life for my painting classes every semester as a little demonstration.  I've long thought about doing something a little more ambitious in my studio for my own purposes.
I also plan to start another Passion series this summer and I'm already making studies for it.

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