Friday, July 8, 2016


I woke up this morning to the shocking news of five police officers gunned down by a sniper in Dallas in the midst of a peaceful protest against a string of police shootings of African Americans over the past week.

I'm not convinced that people want war between cops and African Americans.  I want to say publicly that I do not want a race war, and that a second Civil War would be the end of the United States.

The cops killed last night, the black folk killed over the past week, months, years, the victims of the Orlando massacre all have one big thing in common; they were ordinary people who did not deserve what happened to them.  Black lives matter, and Blue lives matter.  We all need both to matter in order to feel safe.

Some people want chaos and now we have it.  As the USA descends into insanity, I have no words.  So, I'll let Goya do the talking for me.  Great art is timeless and always timely.  Goya shows us in no uncertain terms the only real alternative to peace.

I keep my hometown in my thoughts and prayers.


Today's NY Post cover:

If people want a war between cops and black folk, a race war, a second Civil War, then count me out.
I'll sit it out in Toronto.  I'm not interested in who "wins" because there will be nothing left to win.
People want chaos and now they have it.

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