Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Flags of resistance movements from World War II:

Free France

Italian Partisans

Polish Resistance

German Resistance

It looks like 50 years worth of progress on Civil Rights, Women's Rights, and LGBTQ Rights is about to be rolled back.  The 80 year long dream of the right to repeal Social Security may be about to finally come true.  The Affordable Care Act, and even Medicare, are in mortal danger.  The last remnants of the right to bargain collectively are about to go extinct.  We are about to take a giant step backwards, by perhaps 100 years.

These flags remind us that instead of asking "How did this happen?", the first word on our minds in the years to come should be RESIST.

Unlike the partisan causes from the early 20th century that lefty cranks usually pine for, these movements won.  They succeeded, if not immediately, then ultimately.  We should take heart from them to fight the coming supremacist state.