Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gun Slinging Teachers

The Throne of Weapons by Cristóvão Estavão Canhavato, 2002, Mozambique

I work for reliably sane though frequently dysfunctional CUNY so I doubt that I will ever have to face this.  But just to be clear, I will never ever carry a firearm in class or on campus.  Period.
People who think that arming teachers is a solution to anything watch too many movies and maybe should have their medication adjusted.  That is the stuff of paranoid fantasy that does not pass any test in reality.
What will really go a long way toward solving this problem is the folks in capitols doing their job and taking military assault weapons like the AR15 that's become the gun of choice for mass murderers off the market and out of private hands.
At the very least, I'd like to see something like the assault weapons ban and buyback program that the Australians did after a horrific massacre that killed 35 people in 1996.

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