Saturday, March 24, 2018

Marching For Our Lives in New York

It was national protest day against the USA's addiction to gun violence, and I wanted to do my part.  I got an invite to go on a bus to Washington DC for the big clam bake there, but in the end, I declined.  If I was still 25 to 35, I would have eagerly accepted.  But 60 year old me who just went through 2 rounds of antibiotics fighting a respiratory infection, and my first thought would have always been "where are the toilets?"  Also, I did not look forward to getting up in the middle of the night to catch a 5AM bus.
So, I decided to be an alter cocker and watch the march and cheer it on here in New York with my friend Paul Lane.  I certainly got to see more of it than if I had marched in it.   We stood on 6th Avenue near 50th Street between Radio City Music Hall and Fox News.

As usual with these marches in New York, they are spectacularly big and crowded.  This one was even more crowded than the Women's March a few weeks ago.  It was also much more sober in tone (which is certainly understandable).  There were a lot of kids; teenagers and kids, including little kids.  Also, the crowd was not quite so predominantly white and middle class as these marches frequently are.  People of color marched in substantial numbers.  There were also a lot of teachers in the crowd, including Yours Truly.

All of these are my photos and are freely available.

Here is the very beginning of the march.  Behind the woman on the left carrying the Black Lives Matter sign is Andrew Cuomo, our guv.

Once again, the size of these events here in New York never ceases to amaze me.  Above and Below are looking downtown on Sixth Avenue.

And here is the march passing Fox News.

And here is Fox News.

There were two drum corps that I saw, and probably more that I didn't.

Gays Against Guns wearing white mourning veils and carrying photographs of recent massacre victims.

Lotsa teenagers and lotsa kids.

And some very little kids.

And a few old veterans.

And of course signs, and lots of them.

Very striking to see the Gadsen Flag ("Don't Tread On Me") at more and more progressive marches.  Perhaps its days as a Tea Party exclusive are over.

The Episcopal Church flag waved by none other than our Bishop, Andrew Dietsche.

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