Saturday, February 9, 2019


The future I want is something like Star Trek where poverty and bigotry are things of the past and people work together to explore the universe.

The future I'll probably get is Bladerunner, only without the replicants and everything run by white evangelicals.

The future I expected when I was little was The Jetsons.

Another future I don't want, but still might get is Mad Max; shortages, chaos, and everyone looking out only for themselves.

The future that the white evangelicals want; everything familiar to them, antiseptic, homogenous, and above all, safe for white people.

The future that the MAGA hats want; chaos, revenge, and reveling in the destruction.

The future Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, and Richard Spencer want; One People, One Empire, One Leader.

The future that the plutocrats want; a world that they can buy and play with as they please.

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