Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decadent Massachusetts

It turns out that decadent liberal homo-loving Taxachusetts has the nation's lowest divorce rate.

Maybe everyone should go to Massachusetts to get married.

Hat tip to IT.

Perhaps gays and liberals don't have quite so casual an attitude toward marriage, as do right-wing political and religious leaders with their serial marriages and spectacular public adulteries.

Perhaps for gays and lesbians, marriage is not an entitlement to be taken for granted.


motheramelia said...

I saw the Rachel Maddow piece on the local evening news (Maine). There are some wonderfully positive ads on the local stations showing families of all sorts (gay, hetero, young old) with the bottom line that Mainers are for equality in marriage. Of course we now have to go to the polls in early November to make sure that the legislature's work doesn't get overturned.

June Butler said...

Louisiana, which is heavily Roman Catholic in the south and heavily Baptist in the north, is at 4.04, twice the rate in Massachusetts.

susan s. said...

Wait... are these numbers 2.0 and 4.04 per thousand actual numbers of divorces or percentages? I thought that the divorce rate was about 50%. Am I wrong? That would mean there have to be some states where the divorce rate is _really_ high.

susan s. said...

Of course I could be completely wrong about any of the above comment. I usually am!

Counterlight said...

Oh mercy, don't ask me about statistics. I can barely do arithmetic.