Monday, September 28, 2009

Thanks Everyone!

Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes. They speed my recovery.

I'm recovering from my long lost weekend (lost to the flu). The fever is gone. I can function now. I'm now in the Vitamin C and Mucinex hoping-to-avoid-antibiotics phase as I fight off the inevitable chest infection.

Tomorrow, I will see if I can make any progress on the insurance issue.

The big art history posts are my pleasure. You can thank my inner socialist who believes that all these things are the common possession of all humanity, and should be freely available to all.

I will wrap up the Creation of Christian Art with the Crucifixion sometime soon.


Now Michael has come down with the bug. No surprise. He's not religious, but he could use a prayer or two.

Thanks all!


Leonard said...

All of your Art History reviews are exciting and I thank you for sharing them...Art History (and American Art History) were amongst my favorites in College...reading and seeing your presentations help bring some of those almost lost, to me, memory treasures back into focus. Dr. John DeVincenzi authored a great American Art History book and I took my drawing classes from him...he was my all time favorite professor and always encouraged us to ¨break all the rules¨, I did.

Thanks, Doug for the Fine Art reflections...happy healing.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What Leonardo said - and Prayers ascending for Michael!