Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teabaggers Get Lost on the Subway

A Republican Congressman writes a letter of protest about the crowded conditions on the DC Metro for the Saturday Right-Wing Anti-Government Clambake in Washington.

This goes right up there with the spectacle of folks on Medicare protesting against "socialized medicine."  These same people I'm sure oppose spending one red penny on any kind of public transportation.

Suck it up teabaggers.

When us Dirty F*****g Hippies showed up in the hundreds of thousands (as opposed to the tens of thousands) to protest Dubya's war, the Metro was jam packed as we were forced to commute between the city center and our buses parked way out in the 'burbs.

Tell it to Homeland Security.


My friends, this just keeps getting better and better.  It turns out that the GOP Congressman who complained about the bad Metro service voted against funding it.


ueber-g said...

I remember that we had to go several stations in the opposite direction in order to even get on a train going in the direction that we needed.

June Butler said...

Sock it to 'em, Doug, you dirty f**king hippy, you commie rabble. Let 'em have it. I love it. They'll not want a dime of government money to go to public transportation.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Didn't he know what he was voting on?