Saturday, February 19, 2011

Americans Love Labor Unions ... Someplace Else.

We love them so long as they are in places like Poland and Egypt, but not here,

We expect weekends, time off, and compensated vacation time. We count on workman's comp, health insurance and other benefits, retirement funds, Social Security, being safe while doing our jobs. We expect our children to be protected by child labor laws. We expect to have our pay protected by minimum wage laws.

I suppose no one bothers to ask about where all those things come from. We take them for granted now. For most of American history, no one working in any kind of job for any kind of pay had anything like those protections and benefits. Do people really imagine that their employers gave them out of the kindness of their hearts?

All of those things had to be fought for, and fought for again. All of those things were won through unions.

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JCF said...

Leon Russelson had a song, in Thatcher's 80s Britain, about the POV of the "Great Free Press" in the UK:

And down with strikes . . . except in Poland!