Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coming When the Weather Turns Warmer ...

This year marks my 20th year living in New York. I've now lived in New York City as long as I lived in Texas.
This is also the 10th anniversary of the worst single calamity in the city's history, the September 11th attacks. I'd rather not commemorate it with a series of angry/ sorrowful rants.

I want to do a series of posts on my adopted city using some photos that I plan to take myself. I plan to borrow Michael's digital camera (or maybe purchase my own by that time), and take some pictures around town of neighborhoods and landmarks. The weather's just too cold right now, and my time is limited, so I'll put it off for the summer.

So, now I'm committed, and I'll have to do this.

Stay tuned ...

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June Butler said...

You're on record. :-)