Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If there are no more citizens, but only paying customers, then do words like "democracy" and "freedom" have any meaning?


Unknown said...

Not really...Sad, isn't it? We'd be only consumers with no rights.

MarkBrunson said...

It really amazes me . . . the same ones who continually talk about wresting power from "the elite" would hand the same "elite" all the power they want through laissez-faire capitalism!

I often wonder that greed can drive one to such unthinking action. The American Dream is better called the American Deception; the wealthy business-owners, corporate raiders keep it in place: "Work for me, make me rich, and that will make you rich, just like me."

The American Dreamers never seem to question how the rich person will stay rich if they give their wealth to those working for them. There's an incredible naivete that seems to drive such a view.

I think, if you want to derail Tea-Party Libertarianism, the best question in the public forum is:

Do you really trust your neighbors that much?

Counterlight said...

Mark, I think people have been sold on the idea that anyone can win the lottery, and that doing the responsible thing by their families and neighbors will only spoil their chances of winning.

MarkBrunson said...



Well, we survive, at least - having had a lot of practice at it.